In this day and age the rate that technology advances is phenomenal and there is a constantly growing need for vehicle's to be updated with new rack equipment such as monitor screens racks and power distribution.

You may just want to give your vehicle that 'new lease of life' its needs by replacing carpets, flooring, damaged doors. You'd be surprised how a little change can make such a difference to the vehicles appearance.



19” racks - Levscol provide 19” racks that are made to order with a powder coating and are available in any colour
SNG & uplink - Satellite news gathering and reporting is a necessity to keep the world up to date as soon as an incident happens. we provide on board power, roof mounting of antenna's, cable flaps and power distribution. Everything you will need.
Electrical (example shown in gallery). Panels are punched for distribution and control gear.
Welding of all projects is also undertaken in steel, stainless steel and aluminium, TIG MIG.

Fabrication - is available for any requirement. We are fully equipped with 85T press brake, pierce all, corner notcher, plasma cutter, guillotine and lathe.

Generators - We can provide a wide range of services in this category, from building silent enclosures to manufacturing a complete mobile silent gen set with on board tanks. we can also help with cooling on your existing gen by adding grills or fans to expel hot air and gases.



Levscol was founded in 2005 by the companies two directors Ian Scolding and Stuart Levett.

Between the two of them they have over 40 years experience in coach building on a variety of different projects from hospitality units and HD dual uplink trucks to top of the range horse boxes and commercial tippers.